The Resource Columbiana County, Ohio, cemetery inscriptions, compiled by members of Columbiana County Chapter, Ohio Genealogical Society, Carol W. Flavell, chairman

Columbiana County, Ohio, cemetery inscriptions, compiled by members of Columbiana County Chapter, Ohio Genealogical Society, Carol W. Flavell, chairman

Columbiana County, Ohio, cemetery inscriptions
Columbiana County, Ohio, cemetery inscriptions
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compiled by members of Columbiana County Chapter, Ohio Genealogical Society, Carol W. Flavell, chairman
Includes information for cemeteries in Mahoning and Jefferson counties as well as Columbiana County
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Columbiana County, Ohio, cemetery inscriptions, compiled by members of Columbiana County Chapter, Ohio Genealogical Society, Carol W. Flavell, chairman
Columbiana County, Ohio, cemetery inscriptions, compiled by members of Columbiana County Chapter, Ohio Genealogical Society, Carol W. Flavell, chairman
  • Includes index
  • Place of publication: v. 8 Lisbon, Ohio
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  • V. 1. Columbiana Cemetery, Fairfield Township -- v. 2. Walter M. Hole Undertaker records, 1885-1898 (Salem area) ; Highland Christian Church, Salem Twp. ; Liverpool Twp., veterans' graves ; Perry Twp. obituary ; Moultrie Chapel Cemetery, West Twp. ; Dennis Stahl Undertaker Records, 1873-1885 ; Bethel Church Cemetery, Knox Twp. ; Middleton Friends Meeting Cemetery, Fairfield Twp. ; Ogle's Cemetery, Washington Twp ; McKenzie Cemetery, Yellow Creek Twp. ; Lowrie-Barnes Cemetery, Elkrun Twp. ; Zepernick Cemetery, Elkrun Twp. ; Miller Cemetery, Hanover Twp. ; Unity Methodist Cemetery, Unity Twp. ; Freed Cemetery, Fairfield Twp. ; Switzer Cemetery, Fairfield Twp. ; King Cemetery (St. Michael's), Butler Twp. ; Nold Mennonite Cemetery, Fairfield Twp. -- v. 3. Cherry Fork (Easterly) Cemetery, Fairfield Twp. ; St. Michael (Woolf) Cemetery, Butler Twp. ; Thompson Hall Private Cemetery, Elk Run Twp. ; Scioto Disaster on Ohio River ; Middle SAndy Presbyterian Cemetery, Knox Twp. ; East Fairfield Cemetery, Fairfield Twp. ; New Alexander Cemetery, West Twp. ; Fairfield Township Cemetery, Fairfield Twp. ; Morgan Cemetery, Wayne Twp. ; Quaker Ridge Cemetery, West Twp. ; McFall Cemetery, Butler Twp. ; Pentz Cemetery, Knox Twp. ; Bowman Cemetery, Elk Run Twp. ; Chambersburg Cemetery, West Twp. ; Wilson Morrow Farm Cemetery, Fairfield Twp. ; Hum Cemetery (Liberty Hill), Fairfield Twp. ; Royer Family Cemetery, Fairfield Twp. ; Fairfield Township, single tombstone ; McKinley Cemetery (Plains), West Twp. ; Cool Springs Cemetery (Devil's Den), Fairfield Twp. ; Bethel Fairfield Cemetery, Fairfield Twp. ; Methodist Cemetery & Friends Cemetery, Fairfield Twp. ; Sanor Cemetery, West Twp. ; Edwards Cemetery, West Twp. ; Salem Cemetery, Salem Twp. ; Franklin Square Cemetery, Salem Twp. ; German Cemetery, Lisbon, Center Twp. ; Trinity Reformed Cemetery, Hanover Twp. -- v. 4. West Beaver U.P. Cemetery, Madison Twp. ; Messimore Cemeteies #1 & #2, West Twp. ; Calcutta U.P. Church deaths, St. Clair Twp. ; Amon Farm Cemetery, West Twp. ; Ruff Cemetery, West Twp. ; Davis Cemetery, Wayne Twp. ; Unknown Cemetery, Lisbon, Center Twp. ; Friends Cemetery, Salem, Perry Twp. ; Frost Cemetery, Hanover Twp. ; Dutton Cemetery, Hanover Twp. ; Figley Cemetery, Hanover Twp. ; Graham Cemetery, Hanover Twp. ; Robinson Cemetery, Hanover Twp. ; Albright Cemetery, Hanover Twp. ; Columbiana Cemetery, veterans' graves, Fairfield Twp. ; Woolley Cemetery, West Twp. ; County Infirmary deaths, Center Twp. ; Lee Cemetery, Center Twp. ; Mt. Zion Methodist Cemetery, Middleton Twp. ; Bates Cemetery, West Twp. ; Koffel Cemetery, West Twp. ; Christian Mennonite Cemetery, West Twp. ; Frederick Cemetery, Center Twp. ; Ruhl Cemetery, West Twp. ; Gaskill Cemetery, Center Twp. ; Sandy Springs Friends Cemetery, Hanover Twp. ; Elkrun Friends Cemetery, Elkrun Twp. ; Jordanville Cemetery, Lisbon, Center Twp. ; Arter Methodist Cemetery, Hanover Twp. ; Christian Campbellite Cemetery, Hanover Twp. ; Pitts Cemetery, West Twp. ; Fairfield Friends Cemetery, Fairfield Twp. ; Columbiana Friends Cemetery, Fairfield Twp. ; Saliineville, Washington Township -- v. 5. St. Philip Neri (Dungannon) Cemetery, Franklin Twp. ; New Garden Friends Cemetery, H-anover Twp. ; Frederick Family Cemetery, Fairfield Twp. ; East Carmel Cemetery, Middleton Twp. ; Mt. Zion Evangelical-Lutheran Cemetery, Center Twp. ; Zepernick Cemetery, Elk Run Twp. ; Deaths from Pap Hise's diary, Salem, Perry Twp. ; Necrology of Salem citizens, Perry Twp. ; Trinity Lutheran Cemetery, Washingtonville, Mahoning County ; Church Hill Chistian Church Cemetery, Elk Run Twp. ; Carlisle Cemetery, Elk Run Twp. ; Redman Cemetery, KnoxTwp. ; Gilson Cemetery, KnoxTwp. ; Garman Cemetery, KnoxTwp Cemetery, Knox Twp. ; Sanor Farm Cemetery, KnoxTwp. -- v. 6. Bethesda Cemetery, Franklin Twp. ; Military deaths in Columbiana County ; Reading Cemetery, Knox Twp. ; North Georgetown Cemetery, Knox Twp. ; 1860 Mortality Schedule, Columbiana County ; 1880 Mortality Schedule, Columbiana County ; Stough Private Cemetery, Unity Twp. ; King-Brady Cemetery, Liverpool Twp. ; Springhill Cemetery, Wellsville, Yellow Creek twp., early burials ; Methodist-Episcopal Cemetery, Wellsville, Yellow Creek twp. ; Scotch Settlement Cemetery, Yellow Creek twp. ; Guerney Wilburite Friends Cemetery, Damascus, Butler twp. ; Fairfield Township Cemeteries map -- V. 7. St. Jacob's Church Cemetery, Salem Twp. ; Todd Family Cemetery, Wayne Twp. ; Summers Cemetery, Springfield Twp., Mahoning Co. ; Salem Township Cemetery, correction ; Ohio River accident ; Zion Hill Church of the Brethren, Beaver Twp., Mahoning County ; Unity Brick Church Cemetery, Unity Twp. ; Phillips Christian Church Cemetery, Salem Twp. ; Unity Township deaths 1912 ; Hope Cemetery historical item ; Columbiana County Record of Cornoners' inquest 1860-1894 ; Obituaries ; Additions & corrections: St. Philip Neri, Dungannon ; Additions & corrections: Davis Cemetery, Wayne Twp. -- v. 8. Lisbon Cemetery, Lisbon, Center Township -- v. 9. Bethel Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Wayne Twp. ; King Cemetery news items, Butler Twp. ; Calcutta United Presbyterian Cemetery, St. Clair Twp. ; Friends Cemetery, Salem, addition, Perry Twp. ; Additions & corrections: Columbiana Cemetery, Fairfield Twp. ; Additions & corrections: Lisbon Cemetery, Center Twp. ; Additions & corrections: Switzer Cemetery, Salem Twp. ; Phillips Farm Cemetery, Franklin Twp. ; Laughlin Cemetery, Franklin Twp. ; Roberts Farm Cemetery, Franklin Twp. ; Norris Cemetery, Yellow Creek Twp. ; Hogue Family Cemetery, Washington Twp. ; Wayne Township M.E. Cemetery, Wayne Twp. ; Obituaries from Buckeye State, New Lisbon, 1854-1859 -- v. 10. Yellow Creek: Cuppy Cemetery ; Salem Twp.: Robbins Methodist Cemetery ; St. Clair: Wollam Cemetery ; Knox: Highland Memorial Park, veterans ; Liverpool Twp.: McKinnon Cemetery ; Liverpool Twp.: St. Aloysius Cemetery ; Green Twp., Mahoning County: Disciple & Swedenborgian ; Madison: Madison Presbyterian Cemetery ; Unity: St. Mary's Cemetery, veterans ; Middleton: Mt. Zion Cemetery, veterans ; Unity: New Waterford Cemetery ; Highland Memorial Park ; Unusual deaths -- v. 11. Unity Twp: Koch (St. Paul's Lutheran Church) ; Obituaries ; Unity Twp: Mason-Rich Cemetery ; Additions & Corrections: (Knox Twp: Gilson, Fairfield Twp: Columbiana Cemetery, Centre Twp: Lee Cemetery, Centre Twp: Lisbon Cemetery, Perry Twp: Friends Cemetery Salem, Hanover Twp: Sandy Springs Quaker Cemetery, Elkrun Twp: Elkrun Friends Cemetery, Fairfield Twp Hum Family Cemetery, Hanover Twp: Trinity Reformed Cemetery, Liverpool Twp: St. Aloysius Cemetery) ; Unusual deaths ; Green Twp., Mahoning Co.: Disciple & Swedenborgian ; Salem Twp: Oakdale Cemetery, Leetonia ; Obituaries, Ohio Patriot (Lisbon) 1827-1831-- v. 12. Hanover Twp: Woodsdale Cemetery ; Salem Twp: Hart Cemetery ; Knox Twp: Reading Cemetery (correction) ; Butler Twp: Winona Friends Cemetery ; Unity Twp: Boatman Cemetery ; Perry Twp., Salem: Grandview Cemetery --
  • -- v. 13. Hanover twp: Grove Hill, Hanoverton ; Centre Twp: Jordanville news items ; St. Clair Twp: Jackman (Disciple) ; WPA grave registration ; Salem Twp: English Lutheran ; St. Clair Twp: Long's Run Presbyterian Church ; Mahoning Co.: Smith Twp: Quaker Hill ; Washington Twp: Highlandtown Methodist Church ; Middleton twp: McCoy ; Middleton twp: Huston ; Madison Twp: Madison Township ; Hanover twp: Sandy Springs Quaker ; Liverpool Twp: 5th Street, East Liverpool ; Unity Twp: St. Mary's Catholic ; Middleton twp: Achor Valley Baptist Church ; Additions & corrections: (Liverpool Twp: McKinnon ; Knox Twp: Redman ; Unity Twp: Unity Brick Church ; Fairfield Twp: East Fairfield ; Salem Twp: Oakdale, Leetonia ; Hanover Twp: Frost ; Perry Twp: Friends, Salem ; Perry Twp: Grandview, salem) -- v. 14. Yellow Creek Twp: Oak Ridge United Presbyterian ; Wayne Twp: New Lebanon United Presbyterian ; St. Clair Twp: Hamilton ; Washington Twp: Clark Family Cemetery ; Fairfield Twp: Gochenaur Family Cemetery ; West Twp: Neel Family Cemetery ; Liverpool Twp: Riverview Cemetery ; Additions and corrections: Cetntre Twp: Jordanville ; Butler Twp: Woolf-St. Michael ; West Twp: Koffel ; Middleton Twp: East Carmel Friends ; Centre Twp: German Cemetery, lisbon ; Smith Twp: Quaker Hill, Mahoning Co. ; Franklin Twp: St. Philip Neri) -- v. 15. Glenview Cemetery, East Palestine ; Registration of veterans' graves ; Burial records 1881-1908 -- v. 16. Washington Twp: Woodland Cemetery, Salineville ; Salem Twp: Mt. Calvary (St. Patricks) Cemetery ; Washington Twp: St. Patrick's Cemetery, Salineville ; Corrections and additions: (Smith Twp: Quaker Hill Cemetery ; West Twp: New Alexander Cemetery ; Unity Twp: Loose Stone, East Palestine ; Liverpool Twp: Capt. Talbot's Family Cemetery ; Liverpool Twp: Riverview Cemetery (photo)-- V. 17. Hope Cemetery, Perry Township ; Registration of veterans' graves ; burial records 1905-1972 -- v. 18. Columbiana County Memorial Park, St. Clair Township ; Corrections and additions ; Clarkson Presbyterian Cemetery, Middleton Township ; McGarry Cemetery, Washington Township ; Grandview Cemetery, Sebring, Smith Township, Mahoning County ; Washingtonville Cemetery, Green Township, Mahoning County ; Kemble M.E. Cemetery, Elk Run Township -- v. 19. Damascus Cemetery, Guerney & Wilbrurite Friends, Butler TP. ; German Cemetery, Lisbon, Centre TP. (article) ; Crest Haven Memorial Gardens, Elkrun TP. ; Salem Friends' Cemetery, Depot St., Salem Perry TP. (article) ; Spring Grove Cemetery, East Liverpool, Liverpool TP, tombstone inscriptions, office records, veterans' grave registration -- v. 20. Spring Hill Cemetery, Wellsville, Yellow Creek Township ; Veterans' burial records ; Roster of deceased soldiers, 1903 -- v. 21. Spring Hill interments, Wellsville ; St. Elizabeth's Cemetery ; St. Elizabeth's veteran graves ; Spring Hill veteran graves ; List of patients treated by the Wellsville Board of Health 1897-1900 -- v. 22. Highland Memorial Park Cemetery ; Highland Memorial vault records -- v. 23. Center Township: (Columbiana County Home Cemetery ; Lisbon Cemetery (Additions/Corrections)) ; Elkrun Township: Caldwell Private Cemetery ; Franklin Township: (St. John the Evangelist Cemetery ; Phillip's Farm Cemetery (Additions) ; Dungannon Catholic Cemetery (Corrections) ; McKarn's Property Cemetery) ; Hanover Township: (Grovehill Cemetery (Additions/Corrections) ; Woodsdale Cemetery (Additions/Corrections) ; Trinity Reformed Cemetery (Additions/Corrections)) ; Knox Township: Bethel Church (East Beech) Cemetery (Additions/Corrections) ; Liverpool Township: (Riverside Cemetery (Additions/Corrections) ; B'nai Jacob Jewish Cemetery ; Blackburn Cemetery ; Devore/Gavin Cemetery ; Brady Cemetery ; Pickal Cemetery ; Hickory Flats Cemetery) ; Madison Township: (Yellow Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery ; West Beaver UP Cemetery (Additions/Corrections) ; Cameron/McIntosh Cemetery ; Spring Valley Farm Cemetery) ; Middleton Township: (Lunger Family Plot ; East Carmel Cemetery (Additions/Corrections) ; Achor Valley Baptist Church Cemetery (Additions) ; Clarkson Presbyterian Cemetery (Additions/Corrections) ; Mt. Zion ME Church Cemetery (Additions) ; Early Quaker Cemetery) ; Perry Township: (Paupers' Field ; Grandview Cemetery (Additions) ; Methodist Church Cemetery (Additions) ; Salem Friends Burial Ground (Additions) ; English Baptist Church Cemetery) ; St. Clair Township: (LaNeve Property ; Calcutta UP Church Cemetery (Additions)) ; Salem Township: (Mt Calvary (St Patrick's) Church Cemetery (Additions/Corrections) ; Hart Cemetery (Additions)) ; Unity Township: (New Waterford Cemetery (Additions) ; Unknown burial place) ; Washingtoon Township: (Highlandtown Methodist Church Cemetery (Additions/Corrections) ; St. Patrick's Cemetery (Corrections)) ; Wayne Township: (Wayne Twp/ME Church Cemetery (Additions) ; Bethel Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Additions/Corrections) ; Roley Property Cemetery) ; West Township: Moultrie Chapel Cemetery ; Mahoning County, Green Township: (Disciple/ Swedenborgian Church Cemetery (Additions/Corrections ; Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery (Corrections) ; Washingtonville Cemetery (Additions/Corrections)) ; Jefferson County, Brush Creek Township: West Grove Cemetery -- v. 24. Columbiana, Ohio Cemetery (Fairfield Township)
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