The Resource The Black Panthers speak, edited by Philip S. Foner

The Black Panthers speak, edited by Philip S. Foner

The Black Panthers speak, edited by Philip S. Foner
  • "New foreword by Barbara Ransby"--Cover
  • Original edition published: Philadelphia : Lippincott, 1970
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  • 1. Black Panther Party platform and program: rules of the Black Panther Party -- 2. The Black Panther: voice of the Party -- 3. Huey P. Newton speaks -- 4. Bobby Seale speaks -- 5. Eldridge Cleaver speaks from exile -- 6. David Hilliard speaks -- 7. Fred Hampton speaks -- 8. Black Panther women speak -- 9. Community activities -- 10. Black Panthers in court -- 11. Alliances and coalitions
  • Foreword / by Barbara Ransby -- Preface / by Julian Bond -- Introduction -- Black Panther national anthem -- 1. Black Panther Party platform and program rules of the Black Panther Party -- What we want/what we believe -- Rules of the Black Panther Party -- 2. The Black Panther : voice of the party -- The Black panther: mirror of the people -- A pig -- Black lawyers -- Revolutionary art/black liberation -- On violence -- Free by any means necessary (poem) -- Correcting mistaken ideas -- The power of the people -- Black child's pledge -- In white America today -- Editorial statement -- Revolutionary letter #15 (poem) -- The genius of Huey Newton -- Erica's poem -- The revolutionary spirit of Antonio Maceo, lives on today in the people's revolutionary vanguard, the Black Panther party, and in our new revolutionary warrior named after him -- A Black Panther song (poem) -- To the courageous Vietnamese people, commemorating the death of Ho Chi Minh -- The Chicago 8 -- Pigs--Panthers -- On criticism of Cuba -- 3. Huey P. Newton speaks -- In defense of self-defense: executive mandate number one -- The correct handling of a revolution -- Functional definition of politics -- Message to "freey Huey Rally," Oakland auditorium, February 17, 1968 -- Huey Newton talks to the movement about the Black Panther party, cultural nationalism, SNCC, liberals and white revolutionaries -- Message on the peace movement -- To the R.N.A. -- Prison, where is thy victory? -- 4. Bobby Seale speaks -- The ten-point platform and program of the Black Panther Party -- Bobby Seale explains Panther politics: an interview -- Black soldiers as revolutionaries to overthrow the ruling class -- Bring it home -- 5. Eldridge Cleaver speaks from exile -- Message to Sister Erica Huggins of the Black Panther Party -- The Black man's stake in Vietnam -- An open letter to Stokely Carmichael -- Eldridge Cleaver discusses revolution: an interview from exile -- The fascists have already decided in advance to murder chairman Bobby Seale in the electric chair: a manifesto -- 6. David Hilliard speaks -- The ideology of the Black Panther Party -- Black student unions -- If you want peace you got to fight for it -- Interview with CBS News, December 28, 1969 -- 7. Fred Hampton speaks -- You can murder a liberator, but you can't murder liberation -- 8. Black Panther women speak -- Liberation and political assassination / by Kathleen Cleaver -- On cultural nationalism / by Linda Harrison -- The struggle is a world struggle / by Connie Matthews -- I joined the Panthers / by Joan Bird -- We will win: letter from prison / by Afeni Shakur -- A word for Panther parents / by Jewel Barker -- 9. Community activities -- To feed our children -- Why the free breakfast? -- Liberation schools -- The youth make the revolution -- People's medical care center -- Pocket lawyer of legal first aid -- In memory of Dr. Martin Luther King -- Petition statement for community control of police -- Defend the ghetto (leaflet) -- Community discussion groups (leaflet) -- 10. Black Panthers in court -- Bobby Seale vs. Judge Hoffman -- To Judge Murtagh: from the Panther 21 -- Closing remarks to the jury by Charles R. Garry in People of California v. Huey P. Newton -- 11. Alliances and coalitions -- The Black Panther Party stands for revolutionary solidarity -- We must develop a united front against fascism (leaflet) -- On establishing a united front with Communists -- SDS resolution on the Black Panther Party -- The Young Lords Organization on the move: interview with Rafael Viera -- Young Lords block street with garbage -- Young Lords Party 13-point program and platform -- Ten-point health program of the Young Lords -- The Patriot Party speaks to the movement -- Latinos walkout -- Getting together -- Ten-point program and platform of the black student Unions -- The Black Panther Party and revolutionary trade unionism -- Black caucus program: an interview -- Petition to the United Nations -- Appendixes I. The persecution of the Black Panther Party. A. The Old rules do not apply: a survey of the persecution of the Black Panther Party / by Charles R. Garry ; B. News release issued by the American Civil Liberties Union, December 29, 1969 ; C. Resolution adopted by the New York Group of the Society for Philosophy and Public Affairs, May 23, 1970 -- Appendix II. Call for revolutionary people's constitutional convention, September 7, 1970, Philadelphia, Pa. -- Notes
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